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Last fall I created two digital pieces for a faculty show at TCC, that I tentatively termed part of a “gizmo(logy)” series.  I had so much fun with those images, and I’ve been expanding that collection with both 2D and 3D works.

Next month FWADA is hosting it’s annual spring gallery night, and I’m so fortunate to be able to have my first solo show as a part of that event.  I’ll be showing new work from the Gizmo(logy) series, as well as some of my favorites from Clay, Light and Time, and Liquid Clay Drawings, hopefully presented in an interesting new way.  The show will be at Gallery 414 in Fort Worth, TX.




I did this Ceramic Box demo in class and it turned out so well, I made a whole bunch for gifts.

Did I just procrastinate or was I really too busy? its been a busy semester,but I finally got some time to finish these pieces.  These and more are available on ETSY.  These were the famous mugs from the Handle Making post.