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I’ve been making panels for the 2D prints I’m doing in the gizmo(logy) series. I purchased the smaller sizes from Cheap Joe’s to save some time building, and was impressed with both the cost and the quality. But once I got the process down, I ended up making a variety of panels at home.

Here’s a quick how-to:

I’m building the frames with Select Pine 1×2’s for the edges, and 1/4″ sanded pine plywood boards for the tops.  The sides and top are held together with wood glue and clamped down to dry for at least an hour. I tacked the corners of larger frames with a brad nailer for added strength.1 framing tools

Here’s a look at 4 6×6″ frames glued together and dry.2 panels

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My wife took some pictures of me to use in my digital work for the show this month.  Here’s the before and after shots:


Images were manipulated in photoshop, adding elements from industrial and architectural photographs I’ve taken. Printed images are mounted to wood panels and sanded to add to aging effects, before being finished with Breathing Color Glamour 2 glicee matte finish.

Going to hit up Trinity Ceramics tomorrow.  Excited!  I’ve wanted to try all terracotta ware.  There’s something about red/orange under a white, yellow or heck, even a blue, that just sets me off into daydream land.

Here is what I picture.  Terracotta wares with white glaze.  Simple.  Stripes of some sort via wax resist a la my heroines Lucy Rie and Christa Assad.  There is something solidifying about those stripes/lines.  Corrugation, yes, but something else…pattern, waves, on/off, rhythm, movement, endless…in a couple of words, I love rhythmic lines.  (could also be the reason I love repetitive humor).

I’m still trying to find my rhythm.  Heck, its been over 2 years since I’ve really sat down each day to make something.  I’m looking forward to having my genu-wine potter’s stool in from Bailey Pottery Supply…my poor back.