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Jeff Forster Poster: October, 2013

If the work is interesting enough, it should make the poster.  I wanted to present the title as if it were projected onto the piece.  The slight distortion to the type is thanks to a displacement map.

I like adding quotes from the artist statement.  It adds a personal touch.  A hint to the viewer. A clue.  Something to say… “hey! You!  You may relate to this.  Come and see the rest of my work.”

I remember this show. The pieces were heavy.  Special custom mounts were made for the pieces to hang on the wall.  If they had fallen, the marble beneath would have felt it.

I have always been attached to atmospheric firing, but sadly as much as I want to build a soda/salt kiln in my backyard, the city of Fort Worth has codes.  I’ll have to purchase some land out in the country somewhere.  Wish. Wish.


The show was a great success, thank  you so much to our hosts for all your help and support!


Also, thank you to everyone who came out.  We had a great turn out for gallery night, and I was lucky enough to get a mention and some preview pictures in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

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The show is still running through May 4th, open Saturdays and Sundays 12 – 5pm.

Gallery 414, 414 Templeton, Fort Worth, TX  76107

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Useless Vanities, my first solo show here in Fort Worth showcasing work from the Gizmo(logy) series, will open in less than a week!

I delivered all the 2D work on Saturday, and worked with my good friend and gallery curator to get everything organized and installed.

IMG_3697 IMG_3698

After looking at the work, we decided to forgo the ceramics pieces and go with a 100% 2D show.  It just looked more cohesive and clean, I think.


I’m really excited for the opening, and am very pleased with how it all came together!

Useless Vanities

Gallery 414

414 Templeton, Fort Worth TX

March 29 – May 4

Opening Reception: March 29, 2pm – 9pm

My wife took some pictures of me to use in my digital work for the show this month.  Here’s the before and after shots:


Images were manipulated in photoshop, adding elements from industrial and architectural photographs I’ve taken. Printed images are mounted to wood panels and sanded to add to aging effects, before being finished with Breathing Color Glamour 2 glicee matte finish.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I am helping to curate a show this spring at our TCC Northwest Lakeview Gallery.  I’m really excited about the idea, and how it is fitting in with some prioritization we’re making in the visual arts department towards helping our students learn about careers in the arts.  The show, Game Dev, will feature both the conceptual and in-progress art work that is part of the process of game design, and completed interactive games and multimedia presentations.  The closing reception will be a part of Fort Worth’s Spring Gallery Night. I designed this poster to help sell it to the students on campus:


Last fall I created two digital pieces for a faculty show at TCC, that I tentatively termed part of a “gizmo(logy)” series.  I had so much fun with those images, and I’ve been expanding that collection with both 2D and 3D works.

Next month FWADA is hosting it’s annual spring gallery night, and I’m so fortunate to be able to have my first solo show as a part of that event.  I’ll be showing new work from the Gizmo(logy) series, as well as some of my favorites from Clay, Light and Time, and Liquid Clay Drawings, hopefully presented in an interesting new way.  The show will be at Gallery 414 in Fort Worth, TX.