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Antiques from the Future


The ideas for a concept car first take root in modeling, wood and clay. I look back at the age when cars were made of metal, and shapes were inspired by the space race. I look far into the future where concept artists such as Scott Robertson push the boundaries of design and form. Sketches and image libraries become foundations that turn a rectilinear block of clay into a form. Minimal detail is added as these are meant to only hint at something realistic. Wheels and function do not exist in these cars.

The Bonneville Series explores my love affair with aerodynamic forms. These forms are sensual. They flow and curve, mimicking the natural shape and lines of the human body. I mimic the form lines with my hand and make a sound effect with my mouth. WHOOSH! I am a kid again. And shouldn’t what we create take us back to being a child? In the end, I am making the toys I’ve always wanted. It is a long-standing romance between my inner child and the forms that make up a possible future. The creation of these toy-sized cars brings me back to what I love: aged surfaces, architecture, science fiction, futurism, invention, risk, helmets and spacemen. These vehicles, my antiques from the future, are loved by someone. They have been cherished and now, cared for. I believe that all artists create artwork that ties them to their childhood in one way or another. And why not? It is a time when we are most free.

Christian deLeon


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