Self portrait

IMG_2965 IMG_2966

Self Portrait, pencil

It wasn’t until grad school that a visiting artist let me in on a secret to my work.  He said, “the way you talk about your work, it’s as if you are this small”.  He points to a speck of clay next to a big pot that I had thrown days earlier.  “Your work is about scale. Things that are bigger than you.  Embrace this.”  Maybe this is why I am always looking up or looking down at things.  Taking note. Photographing and fascinated with what I find.

As with critiques even today, I relate everything to movies.  In this advice, I remembered the movie American Splendor.  Harvey’s co-worker and friend Toby reminds him, “Believe in something bigger than yourself.  It might cheer you up.”  No although I am not as grumpy as the main character, this thought definitely keeps me humble and smiling.


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