Remembering When: November 2012


War Face: November 2012

I didn’t know that I would be coming up with projects all the time.  Such is the life of a professor.  I do have my reliable ones that I continue to go back to and others that just don’t see the light of day.  Portraiture seems to always be the standard in art class.  How do you spin that?  Even today with the numerous selfies out there.  We are a vain breed.  Shouting has always been funny to me, unless I’m the one getting shouted at.  And so, some of my pictures are of me, mouth agape, angry-looking and mean.  But, many who know me, knows that this is not me.  And so, borrowing from Full Metal Jacket, I asked my students to make their own War Face.  In complete fear for survival, what War Face would you make?

Tools used:  Photo and Illustrator’s Pen Tool.  (Students hate learning the pen tool. Although I do hear that CC’s version is quite nice.)


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