Remembering When: April, 2013

Dada Day Poster, April 2013

Dada day is a celebration of everything art, everything creative, and everything messy. Imagine if you will a thousand or so students reigning down on a 20×20 space with paint, clay, glue, more paint, paper, magazine cutouts, food, music, and poetry.  The walls are covered. The floors are covered.  It is seen by some as total chaos, but the architect for this 3 day event is a true visionary and brings many different departments together to celebrate including but not limited to Math, Sciences, English, Music, Dance, Computer/Tech.

In this poster design I wanted to capture what Dada meant historically in a word cloud. I think I was actually referencing at one point the Harry Potter newspaper from the movies.  Many students say “I didn’t know what to use for a background, so I just painted a gradient.”  I’ve heard this many times and I know the feeling.  You’ve spent so long on your work that the last thing you want to think about is the background and it leaves the work somewhat weak.  One solution: Use what’s around you.  I happened upon this paper lantern that one of my students made in Design II and used its watercolor effects to illuminate my poster.  The poster seems to glow and shine…adding another dimension to the design.  I could have just used a gradient, but it would not have been as successful.  Use what you have.


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