Remembering When: February 2007


Unresolved Work from February 2007
Earthenware, Woven Reed and Cane

Experiments often stay experiments and rarely make final cuts, but I have always tried to document something.  My dad always said to document as much as you can.  I’ve always seen this as an extension of when people would ask him “How do you take good pictures?”  His answer: “Take a lot of pictures”.

So it is with this clay and woven piece, I documented.  I fired the piece at low temp, but it just fell to pieces.  I believe I did manage to capture pieces here and there, but would have to look for them.  (Incidentally, I am debating on whether or not to resurrect files from a portable hard drive that bit the dust.  $1500 was the quote. Yikes. )  While this piece stood nice on its own without being fired, I was in a quandary.  If I am indeed apart of Ceramics program, does that include un-fired work too? There were other designs I chose to keep unfired, but I believe they are on said hard drive.  I like the notion of organic things on the ground being put to good use by some animal for survival.  A nest, a damn, or a burrow.  All come to mind when I look at this woven piece with hardened cracked clay.


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