The Trinity Site

Going to hit up Trinity Ceramics tomorrow.  Excited!  I’ve wanted to try all terracotta ware.  There’s something about red/orange under a white, yellow or heck, even a blue, that just sets me off into daydream land.

Here is what I picture.  Terracotta wares with white glaze.  Simple.  Stripes of some sort via wax resist a la my heroines Lucy Rie and Christa Assad.  There is something solidifying about those stripes/lines.  Corrugation, yes, but something else…pattern, waves, on/off, rhythm, movement, endless…in a couple of words, I love rhythmic lines.  (could also be the reason I love repetitive humor).

I’m still trying to find my rhythm.  Heck, its been over 2 years since I’ve really sat down each day to make something.  I’m looking forward to having my genu-wine potter’s stool in from Bailey Pottery Supply…my poor back.



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