Day 5: Elements of the Earth Workshop (Day 1)

Dear Family and Friends,

Elements of the Earth Workshop (Day 1):

Poeh Center for the Arts, Poqoaque, New Mexico.  Met with Clarence Cruz today at 9:10 am. (Yes, we were a little late)  Clarence first showed us his samples of his work while the coffee was brewing.  He then went right into a demo of building a traditional hand-built form.  He definitely made it look easy and the process were mesmerizing.  Just like any process I see, whether it be painting, cooking, signing, laying brick, or sweeping…I go into a trance while concentrating on the sinuous motions.  Once he finished his piece, he let Cecilia, Kim and I have our turn at making a form.  It was more like making a big mess.  Cecilia was slingin’ that clay around like a twister in Kansas.  She was really enjoying the moment and finished off with a large piece.    Kim and I were more reserved and made what looked like pots made by the same person.

Once again, I was the student.  The experience brought back plenty of memories of me in the Clay Lab past midnight.  It was a sincere pleasure to get my hands coated again in that luscious material of the earth.  Lunch was also enlightening as we disussed topics which ranged from teaching, students, politics and food.


Menu for the Day:

Black Forest Ham Sandwiches with white Cheddar

Black Bean Salsa

Serbian Potatoes

Hershey’s Double Chocolate Brownies

Sausage with Red Beans and Rice

Santa Cristina Red Wine

1 comment
  1. Kim said:

    Holy cow, I’m so in love with that pot with the ruffle edge in the picture of everyone working!

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