Day 3: Traditional Hispanic Market, Cathedral of St. Francis and Loretto Chapel

Greetings Family and Friends,

Traditional Hispanic Market:Ok, so maybe we overestimated ourselves a bit.  We didn’t get to all places we wanted to go, but we saved them for Day 4.  Cecilia found the Hispanic Festival taking place in Santa Fe Plaza.  There were over 200 hispanic local artists selling their works.  There was a lot of activity including folk art, iconography, day of the dead chachkas, latin music, and enough food/drink to keep you full.

Check out these video snippits from today.  A quick shot of an intersection at the Market, a latin band rockin’ on stage – check out the guy in the white hat, man, can he rock those timbali and cowbells, and finally the entrance to Cathedral of St. Francis.  Click here for Video! Traditional Hispanic Market (please forgive the quality of these videos, all are shot with Canon PowerShot SD1100, I wanted to be unobtrusive)

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi: 213 Cathedral Place, near the plaza. St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of the city of Santa Fe.  The Cathedral is impressive and there were a bunch of bozos taking pictures and video, like myself.  It was kind of annoying and you could tell the tourists were flooding the scene.   Our own group of three were more concerned with whether or not to purchase a Limoncello or walk the maze at the Basilica or figuring out how to switch off our flash when taking pictures inside.  Cecilia too busy to be concerned with any of this, snapped her 50th picture of St. Francis and Wolf of Gubbio. (see pics)

Loretto Chapel:Built in 1873, the chapel houses a “Miraculous Stairway”.  An unkown carpenter supposedly stopped off to build the staircase using only wooden pegs to hold the stucture together.  We did not see the staircase however, some couple thought it would be nice to get married while we were there and thus, the Chapel was closed.  How selfish is that? Just ruin it for everyone why don’t you.  I felt like Clark Griswold on his way to Wally World only to find out that it was closed.  Needless to say I didn’t punch the moose.  Maybe we will get to see it tomorrow.

I am exhausted! These ladies are walkin’ circles around me.  The dryness is like nothing I’ve experienced.  You can feel the moisture leaving your body, never to return.  I must stay hydrated. Felt dizzy by the time we got home.

Here are some pictures from the Days Events.

Kim’s Menu for the Day:

Cold Green Bean Salad

Garlic Potatoes

Black Bean Salsa

Refried Bean Dip


Peach/Mango/Banana Daquiri


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