Day 3: Sante Fe Farmer’s Market

Trip to the Farmer’s Market to get staples for home cooking. Enjoy The Intergalactic Bread Company, a local minstrel with a political message, “Truffles” the piglet and a visit to the Gebert Contemporary Gallery to see Xavier Mascaro’s sculptures.

The owner for Intergalactic Bread says, “Each bread has its own personality because I let them form themselves.”  Well, bravo to Intergalactic Bread! You sure make some tasty baked goods.

Watch video!  Sante Fe Farmer’s Market

Some spoils from the Market.  Had a wonderful and nutritious lunch.  Notice the Tiny Italian Cold Green Beans w/ garlic and Olive oil, Raw cows milk Gouda cheese (Sweetwoods Creamery), Goats Cheese (Pesto and Pine Nuts, Chile), Garlic/Pesto Bread, Apple, Grapes, Italiana and Greek Olives, Crackers.  Yummy!


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