Day 2: Introductions and on to Santa Fe

Met with Clarence Cruz, who is running the workshop we will be attending.  The workshop is called Elements of the Earth.  He is a Native American and teaches at the Poeh Center for the Cultural Arts,University of New Mexico and the Walatowa High Charter School.  He is also the mixologist at the New Mexico Clay Company.

Clarence was amazing.  One of the topics he discussed that had a tremendous impact on me was the respect given to the earth. “…when taking clay from the earth, you are creating a wound.  You must make an offering to the mother earth to show respect.  An offering of blue corn meal is usually given which feeds the earth and helps to facilitate covering up the wound.”

He drew many parallels to processes and life-cycles.  All of which were very thought provoking. 

Clarence also spoke of his relationships with students, something I wasn’t expecting…He talked about students he is unable to “reach.”  The student in his eyes is not “ready.”  “Come back when you are ready.”  These words were so simple and powerful.  Sometimes we are not ready for a challenge and Clarence as a teacher understands this. 

On to Sante Fe fom Albuquerque.  One hour drive.  The expanse of the land and non-existent minutia of buildings elevated the simple forms of clouds to new levels.  You couldn’t help but comment on each and every instance of shift in color and shadow.

Panorama from the House we are staying.  208 Valle Del Sol.



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